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ATO Torque Sensor thrives on innovation. This rich legacy is alive every day as we strive to develop exciting new products and technologies to improve performance, productivity and efficiency. High-precision torque measurement is essential for many key technologies, and a prerequisite for effective technical solutions. With over 10 years of experience in strain gauge technology ATO keep high standards in quality and precision.

ATO products enjoy a reputation for superior quality and performance, and no-low routine maintenance longest service life and lowest cost of ownership. Our role is to enable connectivity and help engineers redefine what’s possible. We constantly improve sensing technology to help industries around the world achieve major advances.

Our Products

We are high quality sensor supplier, providing you the most reliable and appropriate solutions.

Torque Sensors & Torque Transducers

Torque sensors measure the torque value by transducing reaction force of object or physical parameter change signal on rotating shaft.

Digital Torque Meters

Digital torque meter can display torque, power and speed in real time.

Torque Sensor Transmitters

Rorque sensor transmitter can convert the signal output from the reaction torque sensor into a standard electrical signal.

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Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

Machinery Manufacturing

Measuring torque and power of servo motors/stepper motors/gear motors, as well as detecting torque in working process of CNC machining centers.

Power Industry

Controlling and monitoring wind power equipment, thermal power equipment, hydropower equipment, or other large electromechanical equipment.

Automotive Industry

Monitoring automobile engine, diesel engine, steering gear and overall rigid torsion, and inspecting torque of machining process of other parts.

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