Wind Turbine Torque Measurement

In wind power generation, electricity cannot be produced without rotation, torque and angular velocity. In wind turbines, different rotor drive speeds can conflict. The solution to the conflict is to use a reducer to increase torque at lower rpm to produce more power. Modern megawatt type wind turbines are capable of turning down to 14 rpm and driving the motor shaft (1400-1650 rpm). In a gearless wind turbine, the torque generated by the blades needs to be very high to generate enough electricity. The torque requirements of low-speed generators are almost at the limit of the torque sensor.

Automotive Torque Control and Detection

EPS system is a development trend of future automotive power steering system. It uses a torque sensor to detect the magnitude and direction of the torque or angle generated by the steering wheel when the driver is steering. After the torque signal is converted, it is calculated by the control unit, and then a torque suitable for the driving conditions is obtained, and finally a command is issued to drive the motor to work.

Torque Detection of Torque Wrenches

Reaction torque transducers are widely used in torque wrench testers. The tester completes the verification, debugging and calibration of the wrench torque by measuring the torque of the wrench. The torque sensor selected by the tester is suitable for torque wrenches of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and other specifications. It has the advantages of simple operation and accurate testing. It is also a necessary meter for the factory laboratory.

Bottle Cap Packaging Quality Monitoring

Bottle cap packaging is the very popular packaging form in food, medicine and daily chemical industry. The cap locking and opening torque value is one of the key process parameters controlled by the production plant. Whether the torque value is appropriate has a great impact on the intermediate transportation of the product and the final consumption. As the core component of the bottle cap torque tester, the torque sensor provides a reliable guarantee for the determination of the bottle cap locking and opening torque values.

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