Rotary Torque Sensor

Rotary torque sensors are mainly used to measure the rotational torque of the motor, or the related parameters of the motor, such as speed and power. The available connection methods are shaft connection and flange connection. It can also be used with a torque transmitter/amplifier to directly output standard electrical signals: 4-20mA, 0-5V, RS485, etc.
Non-contact rotary torque sensors employ a non-contact torque measurement system that is less susceptible to noise from sources such as electric motors and magnetic fields. When mounted without bearings, the non-contact sensor has no wear, making it ideal for long-term testing of equipment performance. Importantly, even for high-volume equipment, operating speeds can be increased to 15,000 rpm or more due to the elimination of bearings.

Torque Transducer Shaft to Shaft


Non-contact rotary torque transducer with shaft to shaft structure, shaft keys and Φ5mm cable, customized maximum capacity range up to 300000 Nm.


Rotary torque sensor for dynamic micro torque measurement, acceptable speed range 0~4000rpm, shaft to shaft structure, without mounting base.


Rotary torque sensor with two shafts and shaft keys, cheap price, equipped F/V or F/I signal converter to output standard voltage/current signal.


Dual flange rotary torque sensor suitable for high speed rotating or requiring short axial occasion, ±15V and 24V DC power supply for choose.


Digital torque sensor integrates non-contact rotary torque sensor and rotary/speed/power meter in one, maximum custom net weight only 16kg.

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